Cover is an Android-only contextually aware “smart” lockscreen, available only by invite [VIDEO]

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Being able to customize your lockscreen is just one of the many pleasures Android users enjoy in life. Hop on over to the Google Play Store and you’re sure to find a bevvy of lockscreen replacements for your Android device. While a good deal of these only look to change the aesthetic of your standard lockscreen, there are a few that try and make your lockscreen more useful.

Cover is the latest Android lockscreen on the block, and it looks to supercharge your productivity with its unique UI and design. The tagline for Cover is “the right apps, at the right time” and the app aims to accomplish this in a few clever ways.

First off, Cover learns which apps you use the most, displaying shortcuts on the lockscreen according to 4 locations: home, work, car, and out (everywhere else). If you’re at home, you might find all your social apps hanging out on your lockscreen. While on the road, apps like Maps, Waze, and Rdio might appear. When you arrive at the office, all your productivity apps will already be waiting on your lockscreen. Turn the phone in landscape mode, and the camera icon will appear. Plug in headphones, and all your media apps will appear. Pretty sweet, right?

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