How to replace a cracked or broken Nexus 7 screen and digitizer

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Sometimes the inevitable happens — you're walking along using your Nexus 7, and right before your eyes your favorite Android tablet has a run-in with the sidewalk. As you pick it up you realize that you have cracked the screen, it won't respond to touches either.

When both of these symptoms occur, it means that you have broken both the glass screen and the digitizer. On the other hand, if your tablet still responds to touches that means you have only broken the screen, and the following guide is not applicable.

Nonetheless, this guide will teach you, step-by-step, how to safely replace a broken screen and digitizer. Remember that this is somewhat of an in-depth process. You should only use this guide as reference, as there is always a chance you may damage your device even further by opening it up.

With that being said, read ahead to learn exactly how to breathe life into your broken Nexus 7! Make sure to also check out the video tutorial, which will make the process a breeze!

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