Leaked 4.3 firmware arrives for Note 2 (N7100)

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If you own a Samsung note 2 (N7100) and you are the adventurous sort, then you will be interested to know that Sammobile have just announced that they have received the latest Android 4.3 firmware leak for your device from their sources. The news comes after yesterday’s leak of the 4.3 update schedule for the Note 2, S3 and multiple variants of the S4.

The latest release is N7100XXUEMJ5, and is few builds newer than the previously leaked 4.3 software, one of which was only a personal backup of a very mixed custom rom which included paid apps. So, as usual, Sammobile have come up trumps.

A word of caution, the N7100XXUEMJ5 firmware is still a pre-release Open-Asia firmware, and as such it must be expected to still contain a few bugs. Hopefully it will have solved some of the bugs that were present in the previous leaks, a particularly painful bug for me was the removal of my Google accounts every-time the phone rebooted, while others included being unable to access the greyed out APN tab, and a keyboard error. The leaked firmware should also bring compatibility with Samsung’s Gear SmartWatch.

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