Mozilla announces Firefox OS 1.1 update with MMS support and more, second round of hardware launches

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It s only been a few months since the first Firefox OS phone hit the market, but Mozilla revealed today that it s moving quickly to improve its new mobile OS, announcing the new and improved Firefox OS 1.1 update as well as a second round of hardware launches.

Mozilla says that the Firefox OS 1.1 update, which is expected to roll out to current users soon, brings with it hundreds of improvements. Perhaps one of the most notable additions is MMS support, which will allow Firefox OS users to send and receive photos, audio and video files. There s also a new push notifications API to help cut down on battery consumption, an option to import contacts from Gmail and Hotmail, and the ability to download audio and video attachments from emails. Some of the other goodies coming with the Firefox OS 1.1 update include:

  • Adaptive app search that s front and center on the home screen
  • The ability to easily add a contact by holding a finger on a phone number or email address
  • Dialer suggestions
  • Performance improvements that include faster app load times and smoother scrolling
  • Firefox browser downloads
  • Keyboard auto-correction
  • Email enhancements that include drafts support and the ability to attach Gallery images from directly within the Email app
  • Music Search that allows users to find songs by swiping down from the top of the Music app
  • Calendar enhancements, including direct event creation and event reminders
  • Support for more than 15 languages

On the hardware side of things, Mozilla announced today that the second wave of Firefox OS device launches is about to get underway. Telefónica, which launched the first Firefox OS phone in Spain back in July, has revealed plans to bring handsets running Mozilla s mobile OS to Brazil and other Latin American countries in Q4 2013.

Deutsche Telekom is also planning on expanding its Firefox OS support with hardware launches in Germany, Greece and Hungary in the near future. Finally, Norwegian company Telenor has announced that it will bring Firefox OS devices to Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro before the end of 2013.

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